Custom Programs Offered

Custom Programs utilize the expertise of faculty members to create courses that meet the educational needs of an organization. Flexibility in curriculum, pricing, location, and timing make Custom Programs an excellent opportunity to prepare today’s workforce for the challenges of tomorrow.

The following is a list of highlighted Custom Program subject areas offered by the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. Program delivery options include on an organization’s site, on USC’s campus, online, or a combination of delivery methods. Many of these course offerings provide a hybrid delivery which allow for both in person and online participation.

On Organization’s Site

  • Accelerating Aerospace Innovation
  • Business Acumen
  • CMOS Analog & Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits
  • Innovative Design Thinking
  • Management of Engineering Teams
  • Six Sigma Certifications

On USC’s Campus

  • Advanced Engineering Communication (Oral & Written)
  • Construction Management
  • Electric Power
  • Liquid Rocket Engines / Spacecraft Propulsion
  • Sustainability
  • Six Sigma Certifications