Computer Science, Cyber Security Engineering, and Data Science

The Computer Science and Data Science departments at USC have a world-renowned history, housing more than 40 research faculty members from the Information Sciences Institute (ISI)- a major player in the creation of the Internet- and from the Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT). Our faculty contains pioneers in modern cryptography, Internet technologies, software engineering, database, computational neuroscience, robotics, natural language processing, computational biology and network sciences, and it has an innovative education program, including one of the nation’s first programs in game development.

Essentials of Data Informatics

This program highlights the varying areas of data informatics and will set the framework to understand and contribute toward the significant technical challenges created by large data environments (including architecture, security, integrity, management, scalability, artificial intelligence topics, and distribution.) Participants will become familiar with the principles and application of informatics, and the goals of enterprise intelligence and will learn ways to utilize technical/engineering skills coupled with informatics capabilities to provide enterprise-centric solutions to stakeholders.

Participants will be exposed to the overall field of data analytics, the role of the analyst and/or data scientist, and the domains where informatics skills can be applied to critical organization missions. They will understand how data management, data visualization, data mining and artificial intelligence techniques (specifically machine learning) are critical to the analysis process, and how these can be applied to real world challenges.

Machine Learning for Data Science

This program highlights various areas of machine learning for data science and will provide a framework to:

  • Broadly understand major algorithms used in machine learning
  • Understand basic supervised and unsupervised learning techniques, regression methods, resampling methods (including cross-validation and bootstrap)
  • Gain a basic understanding of decision trees, dimensionality reduction, regularization, clustering, and kernel methods
  • Discuss feedforward and recurrent neural networks and deep learning
  • Discuss reinforcement learning as a crossover between classical agent-based AI and modern statistical learning paradigms
  • Discuss fuzzy systems as a basis for interpretable learning

Participants will be exposed to the overall field of Machine Learning, the role of the analyst and/or data scientist, and the domains where machine learning skills can be applied to real-world problems that can be useful in critical organization missions.

USC SHIELD Executive Program in GlobalSpace and Deterrence

The USC SHIELD Executive Program in Global Space and Deterrence is a joint program with the University of Southern California’s Price School of Public Policy and Viterbi School of Engineering. Its creation benefited from an engagement with the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance (MDAA). This 8-month program sets out to educate aspiring senior leaders from the military, government, and innovation communities about the intersection of public policy and engineering, which are too often separate within the complex and growing field of defense security.


  • Space - The domains that demand new engineering and policy innovations, physical and cyber, and their integration with Land, Sea, and Air.
  • History - Past, present, and future, the lens through which we evaluate and formulate new Policies.
  • Industry - The engine that translates academic work into reality.
  • Engineering - The research, technology, and planning that organizes our vision.
  • Leadership - The prime mover across all disciplines.
  • Deterrence - Our goal in all our endeavors.

This executive education program is designed for upwardly mobile professionals and leaders of their field. Program participants will take advantage of the flexibility and interactivity offered by engaging in a hybrid program model, with in-person and online engagement throughout the program. Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a University of Southern California Continuing Education Certificate.

Viterbi All Access

Viterbi All Access is an initiative by the USC Viterbi School of Engineering to provide current undergraduate and graduate engineering students, and May 2020 USC Viterbi graduates, with professional development opportunities. Available as online training modules, students will be able to engage in a variety of engineering topics.

Modules are available as asynchronous lectures (50-60 minutes)via our top ranked online delivery method, DEN@Viterbi.

Custom Programs

USC Viterbi School of Engineering provides tailored course offerings to meet the needs of your organization - including content, timing and location.

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Published on May 24th, 2017

Last updated on April 11th, 2023