DECIDE Certificate in Strategic Decision Making

The DECIDE Certificate in Strategic Decision Making offers an opportunity for business leaders, managers, and nonprofit practitioners to develop advanced skills in quality decision making. Participants will learn how to make quality decisions in the face of uncertainty, how to structure complex decisions with multiple and possibly conflicting objectives, how to identify strategic goals and conceive ways to achieve them, and how to gain insight into ethical decision making on an individual, organizational, and system level.

Foundations of Decision Analysis
This two-and-a-half-day course will present the basic foundations of decision making under uncertainty. The course will illustrate the benefits of using a sound decision making system built on the axioms of rational thought and the good practices that may induce quality decisions in enterprises. The course will also discuss cognitive and motivational biases in decision making; the elements of decision quality; the difference between direct and indirect values, framing a decision, and the notion of an enterprise decision culture.

Value-Focused Thinking
Value-Focused Thinking is a two-and-a-half-day course that will present the basic foundations of value-focused decision making and the evaluation of decisions involving multiple objectives. Value-focused decision making includes concepts and procedures to identify and address the critical softer aspects of making sound important decisions. These include structuring the decision to be addressed by identifying the full range of relevant objectives and creating innovative alternatives. The technique of value-focused brainstorming is illustrated for decisions involving a team. How to be proactive by creating and acting on decision opportunities to avoid potential future decision problems is included. The concepts of value models and value tradeoffs to evaluate alternatives with multiple objectives are discussed and illustrated.

Ethical Considerations in Enterprise Decision Making
Ethical Considerations in Enterprise Decision Making is a two-and-a-half-day course providing an overview of the critical role ethical decision making plays in a globally integrated environment. Against the backdrop of today’s fast-paced, competitive global economy, certain business practices in one geographical region may be considered unethical or may violate legal business standards in the organization’s Code of Conduct, yet be locally acceptable.

This course will start with basic ethical distinctions on an individual level such as ethical-legal-prudential distinctions, positive vs. negative injunctions, and consequence-based vs. action-based dilemmas. Next, the course will delve into how global organizations can proactively focus on fostering open reporting cultures, and ‘walk the talk’, modeling the ethical code. Topical exercises include strategies to build greater organizational transparency, speaking out, and how to develop a stronger and more visible tone in the middle on a global scale. Topics will also include biomedical ethics principles, with emphasis on healthcare based ethical systems and decision making processes. Participants will evaluate and problem solve simulation scenarios around ethical issues involving complex decisions on topics such as corruption and bribery, labor and human rights, environmental regulations, and more. Real world examples and complex social/topical issues will be discussed and feedback from participants solicited.

Strategic Decision Making in Organizations
Strategic Decision Making in Organizations is hard because the problems are usually complex, alternatives are numerous, many people are involved with different interests and perspectives. Yet good decisions that align people in a powerful direction can have a huge impact. This two-and-a-half-day day course will present the skills and process for making strategic decisions within organizations. Learn how to identify strategic goals, conceive of possible ways to achieve them, focus on the path with the best balance of risk and return, and craft an action plan to implement the strategy.

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Published on May 24th, 2017

Last updated on April 11th, 2023