Ethical Considerations in Enterprise Decision Making

Ethical Considerations in Enterprise Decision Making is a two-and-a-half-day course providing an overview of the critical role ethical decision making plays in a globally integrated environment. Against the backdrop of today’s fast-paced, competitive global economy, certain business practices in one geographical region may be considered unethical or may violate legal business standards in the organization’s Code of Conduct, yet be locally acceptable.

This course will start with basic ethical distinctions on an individual level such as ethical-legal-prudential distinctions, positive vs. negative injunctions, and consequence-based vs. action-based dilemmas. Next, the course will delve into how global organizations can proactively focus on fostering open reporting cultures, and ‘walk the talk’, modeling the ethical code. Topical exercises include strategies to build greater organizational transparency, speaking out, and how to develop a stronger and more visible tone in the middle on a global scale. Topics will also include biomedical ethics principles, with emphasis on healthcare based ethical systems and decision making processes. Participants will evaluate and problem solve simulation scenarios around ethical issues involving complex decisions on topics such as corruption and bribery, labor and human rights, environmental regulations, and more. Real world examples and complex social/topical issues will be discussed and feedback from participants solicited.

What you will gain:
  • Gain insight around ethical decision making on an individual, organizational, and system level
  • Identify guidelines for developing ethical leadership skills
  • Explore the unintended consequences of unethical decisions in a globally integrated environment
  • Generate a list of barriers to ethical decision making and identify practical ways of overcoming those barriers, delivering business goals without compromising ethical principles
  • Understand how to recognize ethical dilemmas and develop the skills to respond skillfully while keeping the integrity of your organizational values and principles

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Published on July 11th, 2017

Last updated on April 11th, 2023